Intec Pumper


Pioneer P6O12L31-B 18,5kW 400/690V/50Hz

Varenummer: P6O12L31-B/18,5kW Antall i pakning: 1 STK Antall på lager: 0 STK Pris: kr 334 895,00 Varebeskrivelse

Ductile iron casing, 316 stainless steel seal
housing, impeller and wear plate. Belt driven
(side by side) to a 18,5kW, 4 pole,
TEFV/IP55, 400/690V-3Ph-60Hz electric
motor (1800 rpm) to give a pump speed of
1295rpm, all mounted on a rigid steel base
with a coupling guard. The pump and base
will be painted Pioneer green, the motor will
be supplied in the vendors blue colour.

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